Braceface Pornography Story: The Conspiracy – Chapter 1

Braceface Pornography Story: The Conspiracy – Chapter 1


by: Psycho

sequel to the fic written by BigDreamer91 called Darkness
of the Night.

BigDreamer91’s really nice
story focused more on the friendship growing between Sharon, Maria,
and Nina. The sequel will focus more on the relationship between
Alden and Sharon. I don’t know if in Darkness of the Night, Sharon
and Alden are going out… but let’s say they aren’t. Nina knows both
Alden’s and Sharon’s feelings…so she decides to do a little
matchmaking for her new found friends when they go on a ski trip…

Disclaimer: I don’t own

Chapter 1:

Nina’s “Evil”

Sharon answered her phone
wondering who it might be. “Hello? Spitz residence.” She
said. “Hey Sharon, it’s Nina. My dad got a cabin at some ski
resort and I was wondering if you want to go?” It was Nina. “I’d
LOVE to. But I still have to ask my mom. Have you called Maria?”
Sharon started to get excited…she had always wanted to learn to
snowboard. “Yeah. She can come. So can Brock. I still have to
call Alden. My parents are going too, just so you know. So I’ll call
you back so you can call your mom.” Nina said, happily.

Sharon smiled as she
thought how much she liked having Nina as a friend. She picked up the
reciever of the phone and dialed her mom’s cell phone number. “Mom?
It’s me, Sharon.” she said. “Hello sweetheart. Is something
wrong?” her mother answered worriedly. “No no. Not at all.
Can I please go with Nina to a ski resort?” Sharon asked

“Who’s going?”

“Just Nina, her
parents, Maria, Brock, and Alden.”

“Hmm…if Nina’s
parents are going, then I guess it’s okay.”

“Okay mom. THANK

“Use the credit card
I got for you okay? But spend wisely!!!”

Sharon thanked her mom
again, and said goodbye. When she hung up, the phone rang. “Yeah?”
she answered. “Sharon, Alden’s coming along. What did your mom
say?” Nina asked in a sing-song way. Sharon smiled, “Oh.
She said yeah. So when are we leaving?” “Tonight. Get your
stuff ready and we’ll pick you up like at 8 tonight. See you tonight
Sharon! Bye!” Nina quickly hung up.

“Yes!! Sharon is
finally going to get what she deserves!!!” Nina smirked as she
went upstairs to fix her stuff.




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