Braceface Pornography Story: Decisions – Chapter Four

Braceface Pornography Story: Decisions – Chapter Four

Sharon opened up her eyes and laid in her bed for a few minutes. She just woke up from a very weird dream involving french fries. She hasnt had dreams like that since she first started her period at thirteen. Only this time, instead of Nina taking the french fries away from her in the dream, Alden was feeding them to her while they were… well… yeah. She did seem to be having a lot cravings for food lately, which was weird. Thank god she wasnt having cravings for any meat though. She had been a strict vegetarian since eighth grade and vowed never to touch meat again.

She looked at her clock. It was 1:00 on a Thursday afternoon. Normally Sharon would be in school right now, but she had been feeling sick with the flu all week so her mom was letting her stay home. She was still feeling a little groggy but she didnt want to be asleep for the entire day so she got out of bed anyway.

She tried to get a pair of jeans on, but she couldnt get them up over her thighs. She tried on another pair of jeans and had the same problem. She was able to get the next pair she tried on over, but she couldnt get the zipper to close. She tried sucking her stomach in to make them fit, but it didnt work. Eventually she had tried on every pair of jeans she owned and none of them fit her. She finally settled on wearing a pair of baggy grey sweat pants and a red t-shirt. They seemed to be the only things left in her closet that actually fit.

Sharon looked at herself in the mirror. Nina was right. She had definitely gained weight in the past couple of months. Probably because she kept craving different foods and couldnt stop eating. But she had already gone on a dangerous crash diet once because of a comment Nina made about her weight back in the ninth grade. She wasnt going to be stupid enough to listen to Nina again.

She started to pull her long blond hair back in a ponytail until she was interrupted by a nauseous feeling in the pit of her stomach. She went to the bathroom and threw up. After flushing the toilet, she returned to her room.

Damn She thought Youd think I wouldnt want to eat so much when Im feeling this sick. I cant even keep anything down! Unless… what if Im… She looked down and put a hand over her stomach No! I cant be! Can I?

She pulled a calendar out from her bag and flipped through it. She tried to remember the last time she had her period. As she looked through the calendar and counted the days in her head, she realized… she hasnt had a period in three months!

Oh shit! She exclaimed out loud. Sharon put her hand over her stomach once again. She knew she had to find out for sure.

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