Braceface Pornography Story: Sharons First-ever Anime Con Chapter 1

Braceface Pornography Story: Sharons First-ever Anime Con Chapter 1

“Mom how long until we eat” ask Adam the older and bigger brother, who’s stomach was growling in the car.

“Just a few more minutes, we’ll stop at the first restraunt that we see” said here Mom, A.K.A Helen Spitz.

“Another borning week, how can this be any worst!” thought Sharon as she looked out through the window looking tired and bored

Until they stop at a stop sign and Sharon’s eyes widen as she saw something that amazed her in such a way that couldn’t be explain!
They had stop next to a Convention Centre where there were alot of people dressed in colourful characters, some she knew of and some that
caught her attention. Before she could say anything, the light turn green and they left. “Oh great!” thought Sharon, but she was lucky
her mom pulled over to a restraunt near by.

“Um Mom I’ll be right back” said Sharon, as she got out of the car.

“Where are you going?” ask Mother

“There was a Convention we just past by that I wanted to check out” said Sharon

“Alright, but come back. We are leaving in 30 minutes” said Mother

“Thanks!” said Sharon as she took off, she went one block over until she came across the convention centre.

She was amazed at the costumes and weapons. She was approached by a girl that was her age in a Winry costume.

“Hi there, haven’t seen you around? Are you new here at Pi Kon?” ask the Girl

“Yeah! I heard of this before, it’s anime isn’t it?” ask Sharon

“Yes it is!!” said a cheerful girl

“I have been meaning to get into anime for sometime now but I kept putting it aside” said Sharon

“Oh I am Miriam by the way” said Miriam

“Sharon, by the way cute outfit? What Anime is it from?” ask Sharon

“Fullmetal Alchemist’s Winry!! She is soooo awsome!!” said Miraim as she jump up and down

Then she notice the Pass around Miriam’s waist, “Is that a pass?” ask Sharon, pointing at her pass.

“Yes, you need this to get into the Convention” said Miriam

“How much is it?” asked Sharon

“Um…let’s see now, it’s 35 dollars for the whole weekend and 15 to 25 dollars a day” said Miriam

“35 dollars?” said Sharon as she was a little shocked, “Well this maybe a start to liking Anime”

Miriam showed her where she could get her Weekend Pass, and showed her around. Telling her when it all started and
why people gathered here once a year but told her that it was happening everywhere, she was also telling her about Mangas, Anime, Plushies
and so on. Then Sharon notice that 75 of the people attending wored costumes, then Sharon remember her Mom!

“Oh Man!! I gotta go, I’ll be right back okay!!” said Sharon in a hurry.

She was getting lost in the hallways, with people pushing and it was crowded. As she was pushed back against the wall
she was saved by a cosplayer who wored Cloud’s costume.

“Are you alright?” ask the cosplayer

“Uh huh…” said Sharon as she starded into his eyes

“Where were you trying to get at?” ask the handsome guy

“Oh right! Where’s the exit?” ask Sharon, he held her hand and led her to the main door.

“So I’m guessing it was your first time here?” ask the Cosplayer

“Yeah, how did you guess?” said Sharon

“You didn’t know here you going” said the cosplayer

Then Sharon saw her mom who was trying to park in the parking lot, without saying anything the cosplyer left Sharon.

“Sharon! Where were you?” ask Mother

“Mom can I stayed here for awhile? I already paided for the weekend pass” said Sharon

“Well I don’t know, let’s go to the Hotel first” said her Mother

“Okay” said Sharon as she got in the car. As they were driving her mother asked her why she wanted to stay.

“It’s call a Anime Convention, it’s Japanese Animation, where people gather for 3 days” said Sharon.

Once they got to the Hotel which wasn’t far from where the Convention was, Sharon was still waiting for an anwser.

“I have been thinking and since it is for the whole weekend and you might get bored, you can go to the Convention. On one
condition! You have to cal me to pick you up alright?” said Mother

“Thanks Mom your the Best!!” said Sharon, as she hugged her mom.

“Here, I am giving you 20 dollars for food alright. And you do have money” said Mother

“Yeah I have my savings here with me, about 75 bucks” said Sharon with a smile. Once they got settled in the hotel, Sharon’s Mom returned
her to the convention, where Miriam was outside with some of her friends.

“Hey it’s Sharon!” said Miriam

“Bye Mom, see ya later and I promised to call” said Sharon, then her mom drove off.

“You came back! After I saw you being rescued by that Cute Cloud Cosplay!” said Miriam

“What anime is he from?” ask Sharon

“That guy was cosplaying as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, a very popular Game and Movie” said Miriam

“I really like the costumes!” said Sharon

“Stick with me and I will teach you everything!” said Miriam

Soo that was my first chapter of my fanfic Braceface! Starring Sharon Spitz! I have been thinking of writing this chapter for sometime
and now it’s finished!! It’all about Sharon learning about Anime and Manga! So stay tune for the next chapter soon hopefully!

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